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Music Jam 08!!

Posted on: July 25, 2008

Free Items:

T-shirt: Plaza.

Maracas: Cove

There’s different music in each room, be sure to visit them all.

The new game is now available at the Night Club.

The Backstage is only for members and you have to buy the Backstage pass at the Snow Forts.

This is the room.

Go to the Dojo, It has the Music Maker 3000. Really cool!

Party: Today I’m having my 10,000 Hits Party!! Be sure to come!

-Pin Wii-


1 Response to "Music Jam 08!!"

Hello again
wii pin’m trying to get a domain for two pages

I almost forget my e-mail is
trying to find my other penguin dargondeg you and I apologise again for not being able to have your party ido I was very busy and not loaded club penguin

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