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Awesome New 1,000,000 Coin Glitch!

Posted on: September 1, 2008

We all heard about the recent DJ3K glitch, (Sorry I didn’t post it!), well now there’s a new one!

I am not responsable if you get banned, I know this is breaking Club Penguin rules so don’t do it, unless its really necessary.

Here are the Steps: 

  1. Go to the Coffee Shop
  2. Play Bean Counters.
  3. Play until you can.
  4. When you reach this screen:
  5. Do not click OK! Press the TAB key until the yellow square is in the cross, then click enter as much as you want, when you reach the desired money click OK

-Pin Wii-


8 Responses to "Awesome New 1,000,000 Coin Glitch!"

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agrega a tu blog roll mi pag. pin wii porfvor !

Sorry Pin Wii I got 5 bans then I’m banned forever


Thats a cool cheat. Hey, can you meet me in CP?

Hey Pin Wii your page is so cool!!!

i tried it but i cant get the square in the square how many times must u press?

Hey what is the tab? Is that the coins because i don’t know what the tab is please help me

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