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As you might’ve noticed, this blog was discontinued a while ago. I (Pin Wii) decided to keep just the Spanish version of Club Penguin Access. Fortunately, it was a huge success and I couldn’t be any happier to be able to help all these penguins around the world. Since things have been going OK, I decided that maybe I should try to provide cheats to the english-speaking world again. That’s why Club Penguin Access in english ( was created. Club Penguin Access is going back to its beginnings, and I’m planning to provide as much cheats in english as I currently do in spanish.

I’m practically starting from scratch, so a bit of help would be REALLY appreciated. If you want to help us just add to your blogroll and that would be more than appreciated.

Thanks again for your understanding and I hope that we can rise Club Penguin Access in english again!

Sincerely, Pin Wii.


Quest For The golden Puffle is Back!!


Clic on the  Golden Pufle (I Want this puffle :O )



In celebration of the penguin games, there’s a new Sport Catalog tomorrow.

Also, thank you for helping find the Missing Bluprints.

There’s also a conversation between Rory and Rookie about the Penguin Games.

This year, you’ll have to get the free items by playing and not by taking them from a box.

There’s no game in this edition of the Newspaper but here’s an activity.

Other news:

-Pin Wii-

Hello everyone, the Newspaper’s out and we’ve got some great News.

We’ll have the New Pin hidden tomorrow

Next week we are having the First Music Festival “Music Jam 2008”

Remeber! I am adding everyone that adds me now! I have until 200 Buddies, 80 more to go for me!

-Pin Wii-

Hello everyone Im thrilled to announced that all the new features are now available for you to use here are some pics:

The New Penguin Mail:

This one is good but how bad that we can’t type our message. You can only hold up to 100 postcards.

When you get to have 100.

Igloo Background:

This is unuseful but to have a better look for the Igloo.

New Player Card:

This one turns to be useful but its kindda slow.

New Login feature:

This one looks nice and its easy to find your most visited servers!

Some Small details are:

You get to know when your Buddies connect.

Update: I found this too!

This is how you look to the Member Igloos now.

Update 2:  The Green Puffle at Night Club has gone to the Ice Rink.

Update 3:

You get a Postcard from your Puffles when they are hungry!


You can dance with the Newspaper:

Unlimited Buddies: This one is really useful because you get to add almost anyone!

Ski Hill: The Mountain is now called Ski Hill when you hover the Mouse at it in the Map.

Glitch: The find feature isn’t working well.


-Pin Wii-

I just made a Toolbar for my Site of you wish to download it just click on the image down here.

It is very useful, it contains a search field, and in RSS you can see my latest posts, and even get to my Chat Room from there.

I hope you like it.

-Pin Wii-

Hello everyone,

New features launch on Thusday!! you will be able to Log in and use all the new features by Thursday so stay tuned!!

Also the Squidzoid play at the stage comes back by Friday! Here are the Pictures:

Don’t forget to comment!

-Pin Wii-


I added Meebo to my Blog so you can contact me directly and instantly! I will try to be online as much as posible!
Chat Room!

Check Out My new Chat Room where you can chat with people around the world about Club Penguin and much more!

Due to the bad use of the chat room you will now need a password to enter, which you can get asking it via e-mail.

Go There!

Club Penguin Access

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