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Checking Rockhopper’s Status

First know if Rockhopper is online or not (Because if he is not online you will not be able to find him).

To know his status you just have be logged off and go the main screen when you start playing Club Penguin.

Type “Rockhopper” in the Penguin Name, and as a Password write anything above 5 characters, Example “penguin”.

If you see a message saying that he is Banned forever then try again another time! he’s offline. But if you see this message…

Then he IS online so you can continue searching for him.



Selecting the Server

So these are ALL the Servers, now I will list the some of the ones in which Rockhopper has been sighted:    

  • Mammoth
  • Flippers
  • Great White
  • Grizzly
  • Rocky Road
  • Frosty
  • Frozen
  • Mittens

I hope this might make the search easier but, in these days, Rockhopper can be anywhere! so keep an eye out for him.

Now finding him is not really “easy” because you could be in any server and its a bit difficult to find, here I’m mentioning some interesting ways to find him.

Ok here they are:

  1. What I do is skim reapidly through all these servers I mentioned were known to be visited by Rockhopper, and some other very populated servers. Here’s the problem, the server in which Rockhopper is might be full (Which happens very often when you are not a member).
  2. Gather some friends and, all of you get into a Chat Room (You can use mine!) If you do use my Chat Room you even have more posibilities to find him because more people will get in and if you organize correctly and all of you begin skiming through out the servers, you should be able to find him.
  3. Get into any Server I mentioned before and try staying in his Ship “The Migrator” for a few hours and If you are lucky you Might be able to see him. I don’t recommend doing this one, becaouse if Rockhopper decides not to enter that server, you will lose the opportunity to see him.
  4. Go to any unusually high populated server you can find, let’s say, If Artic normally has to dots, and you see it with four or  something like that. Go to that server! Rockhopper should be there.


Finding him in the Island

This is the Map of the Island.

Here are the Places he usually visits:

  • Pizza Parlor
  • Snow Forts
  • Forest
  • Cove
  • Ice Berg
  • Plaza
  • Dock
  • Beach
  • Migrator
  • Ship’s Hold
  • Captain’s Quarters.
Good Luck Finding him!

 To Get the Ultimate Rockhopper Guide Click here.

-Pin Wii-



6 Responses to "Rockhopper"

This guide is pretty cool!! Check out my website:

This is a great Rockhopper guide!

wich information u give i cool
i will suerly find him next time
but, one tme whaen i found him
he gave me his signedbackground !!!

You sure know alot.
Hey a great name! Know-alot!
Just kidding if a real person was named that I’d freak out

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