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Pin Wii

Here is my penguin!



Don’t forget to submit your Penguin in the “Buddy Penguins” Section!



Pin Wii (Main)

My Main Penguin is called “Pin Wii” due the fact that my favorite gaming console is the Nintendo Wii and adding the “Pin” at the beginning would make it sound like Penguin.

I am not a member, I have just 2 Puffles, I give Tours and I am a Secret Agent.



I often visit Flippers and Hibernate (USA). Now if you want to be on my Buddy list, I will be in Snow Forts at 11:00 (PST) to 11:10 in front of the Clock Tower, and I will add everyone who sends me a “Be my Buddy” Postcard, before the invitation, this way I will know you’ve visited the Blog. And if you want to remain in my Buddy List, be sure to leave comments in all new Posts, so I know you are a reader of my Blog. Now before 11:00 and after 11:10 (PST) you can still find me, I normally pass a lot of Time in Club Penguin everyday so its probable you find me, if I am working on something I might be hidden somewhere in the Island (Click here to see some of my Hidding Places) so I may not answer you. Sometimes I might be working on a Video so I may enter in an almost empty server.

Good Luck!

-Pin Wii-


26 Responses to "Pin Wii"

yo soy fatigon,y si aquele es my buddy

cool dude

hello pin wii the page is cool!!! bye

I am ur biggest fan!! haha ily! this is a cool webpage!

Btw pin wii, my name is Alicia!

Pin Wii I want to see u at Club Penguin

I TOOK A TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:0 OMG ive seen u a few times but didnt know you were famous until seeing this blog!

muy bueno el video que isimos.

where r u?

plzz go on frostbite

hi pin wii its me 007spycards im not sure if you remember but its me from when the music jam was on we were at the dock and i said be my buddy but it said that ur postcard list was full! im ur biggest fan!!

hola pin wii si me pudieras adañir a tu lista de amigos por cierto puedes entrar en clubpenguin en server ´´hibernate´´ en el iceberg
mañana desde las 5 a 6 pm para hacerlo MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!!

mi pinguino se llama clubjafet96

por cierto cuando llegara rockhopper?

the wii is my favorite consol to i have super smash bros brawl, guitar hero aeirosmith, rockband, wii play, wii sports, and my sims

uh hi its too late your not going to read this messege well if your reading this messege meet me at the server ice cream at the pool,you know!and if you see a guy named avatar7532 then thats me i need to ask you questions!!!

and dont forget!!! 5:00p.m to 6:00p.m

nvm about that server meet me at the server ice pound and th same place i told you!!!

Please come to my site! http//

Anyway congrats on hits!


Hi pin wii i met u on cp i was 321olos i love your site thanks.

Hi Pin Wii, My name is Fiona7272. I also have a blog you should check it out. You know my sister Amanda Dlny. Yeah she is my sister. Please check out my blog. I love your blog. I hope we can meet someday.

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