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Here is the Tip Section. In this part of the site I’ll be Posting some tips, tricks, and glitches of Club Penguin so don’t miss it.

If you know one tip its not here, don’t doubt to let me know, just post it in a comment bellow or send me an e-mail to:




  1. Climb Up Walls: Open Internet Explorer.   Go to the Dojo.    Fix the zoom to 600% (If this doesn’t work try 700%)    You should see half the screen blank move your penguin to the blank section and move it up.    Return the zoom to 100%    You should see your Penguin in the wall.
  2. Swimm and Raise you Arms at a time: To do this you just have to have everything off but your Inflatable Duckie, now open your player card, and put on the Tour Guide Hat, and wave you should be swimming and your arms raised.    (Update: This one doesn’t work anymore due to th Update)
  3. Dance Glitch: Get into any Room in Club Penguin and then click on Your Igloo Icon then you should continue dancing in your igloo until you move your cursor.
  4. Feed your Puffle from anywhere: Click on your Puffle while you’re on your Igloo, you will see his Player Card, then click the Map and go anywhere with it, and you can still change of Room with the card of your Puffle.
  5. Super Sled Glitch: Go to the Top Mountain and click on Ridge  Run to play it but when it asks you If you would like to join this game double click Yes very quickly and you should walk out, but you are still in the player list, then to Buny Hill and It will ask you if you would like to join that game, click Yes once and you will be playing Bunny Hill with four players but the other three are going to be playing Ridge Run so its easier for you to win.   (Update: This one doesn’t work anymore due to th Update)
  6. Catch the Mullet Fish: Use a Yellow fish as Bait, instead of a worm.
  7. Log in to 2 accounts from one computer: (Update: This one doesn’t work anymore due to th Update)
  8. Dance with the Newspaper: Dance and press the Newspaper.
  9. Puffles: You may have Puffles membership without being a member, has not yet exactly is happening but they have already seen many times that this happens. The Puffles receive Nobre “_undefined_” and can not feed or take a walk. 
  10. Newspaper: You can dance with the newspaper simply to dance and then click on the newspaper up in the screen, you can also read, being seated toward the opposite side.
  11. Find: The feature to find your friends is not working well. If you go to someone else igloo and you are looking for, they will show that these on your own Igloo. 
  12. Newspaper: Now when you go to send something to Aunt Artic, the newspaper is lagging behind not go away. 
  13. Dialogue: You can put only spaces and came up with a bubble dialog empty. 
  14. Dialogue: What you say will always be on top of the other dialogue bubbles. 
  15. Night Club: You can no longer dance in the aisle toward the Town Dock, where sales of the Night Club 
  16. Sled: no longer operates the glitch of Sled. Now you have to play normally.
  17. Games: The list of “Waiting for players changed. 
  18. Mountain: The Mountain Ski Hill is now called. 
  19. Buddies: You can add all Buddies you want but when you salts Club Penguin and then re-enter, just 200. 
  20. Right Click: If right click, you could make zoom, this feature and removed. 
  21. Wii: If you have played Club Penguin since its Wii, now with the upgrade, not load the game :(.
  22. Rooms: The rooms now no longer fill.
  23. Spy Phone: Spy Phone is now the top of the map. 
  24. Buddy Login: Now Club Penguin notifies you when a Buddy is connected.
  25. Puffle Mail: You will get a Postcards Puffles have when your hunger.
  26. How to be a Tour Guide: Click here
  27. How to be a Secret Agent: Click here.
  28. How to beat ALL Missions: Click here.
  29. Dance between Town and Dock: Walk click the space between the dock and the Town (In the Town) and open your Penguin Mail before u get there, and close it once you think your penguin has stopped walikng, you should be standing there without changing room!
  30. Surf with Puffle: Take your red Puffle to “Catching Waves” and he will follow you in your surfing!
  31. Earn a lot of money in one game: I strongly recommend you to olay Puffle Roud-Up, I know its not a really fun game to play but, you earn a lot of coins if you do it right!
  32. Sit facing front: To do this just press “S” when your cursor is right in front of your Penguin.
  33. Know the Catalog Secrets: Check the Blog every time there’s a new Catalog! I always post them.

-Pin Wii-


5 Responses to "Tips"

but,see you in the wall,but the penguins see you in the floor

I don’t get the Dance Glitch… I tried it but it didn’t work. I probably did it wrong. Haha.

You didn’t add that you have to dance when you are in the room and then go to your igloo.

none of them work! i tried all of em none of them work. the climbing walls one definatley doesn’t work! i did set zoom to 600 and 700 none of them work! i clicked on the white space but it stops when u do that! what a waste of time!

I do not believe this

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